Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt shift photography is a popular technique that allows you create a cool blurred effect around your image, which creates a unique result. Some consider this a type of trick photography because it distorts the original image to create a whole new effect.

What is Tilt Shift Photography?

Tilt shift is a photo effect that can be done either with a tilt shift lens, or via blurring effects in post processing. We will simply be focusing on the effect in post-processing and showing how you can do it on this page. The process creates an image often with blurred edges which creates a central focal point. This technique often creates the center focal point to appear miniature due to the effect. Therefore tilt shift is very popular for creating “miniature” type scenes of daily life ranging from stadium fields, to groups of people, or construction sites. Typically the best effect results are taken when shooting from up high, looking down to cause a perspective of looking down at miniatures. In it’s simplest term, tilt-shift photography results in creating images of blurred edges, which before post-processing techniques was created due to the actual physical movement of tilting and shifting of the lens while taking the photo.

How To Take Tilt Shift Photos

With post-processing techniques now easily available, you can make any image a tilt shift image.

Can My Camera do Tilt Shift Photography?

The tilt shift effect in post-processing allows images from any camera to be processed in creating this technique.

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Before and After Examples

Check out some of my own before and afters of images to see what they look like before processing, then after the effect has been added. See the examples here

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