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Would you like to contribute to the digital photography hobbyist community? We’d love to hear from you if you have something that is useful and beneficial to the readers of our site.

Some of the things we welcome include:

  • Tutorials – Share a useful technique or “how to” style article.
  • Articles – Including photo essays, tips, tricks, or advice on digital photography.
  • Product Reviews – As long as these are non-biased and factual we accept product reviews.
  • Image Collections – If you have a set of photos you’d like to share from your own collection we will post them. Themed collections are preferred.
  • Interviews – From time to time we interview photographers about their experiences and techniques. If you’d like to be interviewed to promote yourself, please contact us.

Submission Standards

  • Post Length – A minimum of 300 words are needed for your post to be accepted.
  • Links – Of course you’d like to promote yourself, so we provide a maximum of two links, which are to be placed at the bottom of your guest post. These can be back to your blog, flickr account, twitter, etc… Wherever you have a web presence.
  • Original – We only accept original content that is of the standard we deem fit.

Although you may submit to the site we do not guarantee that your submission will be posted. If it does not meet our standards we will not be posting your contribution. If you want to save yourself time, contact us with your basic article idea and we will let you know if it’s something we would accept.

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For any images needed to be submitted please send to Ryan@DigitalPhotographyHobbyist.com.

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