Are DSLR Camera’s Becoming Extinct?

by Ryan on December 12, 2013

After using a DSLR for several years I’ve become accustom to using it on a day-to-day basis, but it seems it may not be that way forever. I currently shoot with a Canon D40, but I’ll admit, it can get a bit lunky at times when I want to take simple shots that can be done with something like a point-and-shoot, or even a smartphone.

Over the past few years there’s definitely been a trend in which DSLR camera manufacturers have seen a decline in business. It’s mostly because you can get high resolution images on smaller, easier to use devices. Although the high end cameras might give you the finest quality, most day-to-day users don’t need all the bells and whistles.

According to a recent article at

“sales of aim-and-forget cameras are on a downhill ski-slope with no end in sight. How bad is it? At the peak just a few years ago, over 35 million cameras were sold. We were told the number for 2013 might be 14 million – or less.”

Even some of the most popular photography bloggers have noted that they’ve switched to smaller cameras that offer the same options they’re looking for.

Trey Ratcliff, over at Stuck in Customs recently switched from his Nikon D800 to a Sony Nex 7, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. He found it to be lighter, easier to carry, and fit most of the requirements he was looking for.

Beyond just personal opinion, average sales prices of DSLR cameras have dropped almost 10% from $435 in January 2013 to about $400 in June of 2013, according to the research found here. Not exactly a good sign either.

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which way the ship is sailing. DSLR camera’s might not be extinct in the near future, but they’re definitely becoming less common.

Have you switched your DSLR camera out for a smartphone or tablet when taking pictures? Do you think the trend will continue?

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