Time Lapse Photography

What is Time Lapse Photography?

Time lapse photography is a technique in which the frequency of film frames are taken at a much slower rate so that when played in a video at normal frame rate speed, the images move quicker through time causing the time lapse film to appear to be traveling through time.

As an example if you take one photo every second and play the photo back at a speed of 30 frames per second, time would speed up in your video roughly 30 times faster than actual. That means a half hour of time could be shown in one minute of video. Of course you can move much quicker through time depending on the interval of photos or the frame rate in which you play the video.

The best way to show what time lapse photography is, is to simply show you. This is an example of time lapse video done on Mount Everest:

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Can My Camera do Time Lapse Photography?

Any camera has the ability to take and create a time lapse based photo set. However, some make it easier than others.

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time lapse photography ideas is a list of ideas for you to go and experiment with. The amount of time your video takes is up to you, so we have ideas for day shots, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

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